Sample images from the Tamron 18-400 (22.2x zoom - F/3.5-6.3).
Shot with Canon 7D. All images are Straight out of Camera.
Airconditioner-18mm Airconditioner-50mm Airconditioner-70mm Airconditioner-100mm Airconditioner-200mm Airconditioner-300mm
Airconditioner-400mm Bee-400mm BeeOnRose-400mm Butterfly-400mm Dandelion-400mm Gum Nut-27mm
Gum Nut-400mm Gums-20mm Gums-400mm Leucaena leucocephala-18mm Leucaena leucocephala-100mm Leucaena leucocephala-400mm
Magnolia-209mm Palm-18mm Palm-400mm Pink&Grey-400mm Plant-71mm Red&YellowRoses-35mm
Red&YellowRoses-83mm Red&YellowRoses-200mm Red&YellowRoses-400mm StreetLamp-18mm StreetLamp-53mm StreetLamp-227mm
StreetLamp-400mm Trees-18mm Trees-100mm Trees-400mm White Faced Heron-18mm White Faced Heron-400mm
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